Install and Register Fusion 360 (Enthusiast Free license)

Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2018

I am new to the 3D printing world!    And I have been having a blast the first few weeks of printing out anything cool I can find on thingiverse.   But now… I want to try my hand at actually making my own 3D model.  And even more so get my children to make some 3D creations (after all we do homeschool and all J  )

What is fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is a piece of Software from Autodesk, the makers of autocad,  that aids in the 3d design, test, and fabrication.    It is a powerful … powerful tool that has a ton of value in the industry.   That is one reason I want to use it and teach it to my children.  Not only is it powerful but it’s the uber tool used in a lot of fabrication industry.

It’s a very expensive product.   $300/year for Fusion 360 and  $1,500/year for Fusion 360 Ultimate.   But fear not there is and educational license or a Start-up/Enthusiast license for business making under $100,000/yr or if you are a hobbyist using it for non-commercial products.

Download it

Head over to their product page

Download the free trial!

Enter in your info and click Download Free Trial

Click on the installer.

Let it run its course installing.

I do not have an account with Autodesk so I need to create one by first clicking on create Account.

Enter in your info and click create account.

After filling that out check your email inbox you should get a registration confirmation.  (Something like this)

Now back on the program and just log

You can see here that I have a 30 day trial left.
Well I do not want to stay on that I want to register it as a Start-Up/Enthusiast license.

So how do I do that?

Getting/Setting up Enthusiast License

Click on Term ends in 30 days.

Click on Sign up as a Start-up or Enthusiast.

Accept and click Submit.

Click Close

Now let me check.

There we go looks good!



[1]        Fusion 360 product page
                Accessed 3/2018

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